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Established by Scott White to provide a truly bespoke Personal Training service in London. With 18 years of experience, Scott is also one of only a handful of fitness experts to have completed the rigorous Resistance Training Specialist Mastery program in the USA.

The BodyOpt Advantage

Scott’s intelligent approach to training is one founded in science, specifically in exercise mechanics and biomechanics. This ensures that every repetition of every workout is more targeted and more effective.

“Choosing the right person to train you, and be the caretaker of your long term musculoskeletal health is an important decision. I don’t call it Personal Training merely because it’s one to one, but because each aspect is PERSONALISED to you and your needs. My approach is always customised to YOUR body. I am here to offer you a very different exercise experience, and one with more complete and sustainable results.”

Scott White


“With my competitive nature as a rower, I need to see improvements in the gym, so setting Personal Bests on a regular basis with Scott has been very motivational. Although I have experienced training under several coaches over the years, I have never seen such noticeable, consistent and sustained progress with my training before.”


Fund Manager and competitive rower and sailor

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Experience many unique custom made exercises that target your body parts with laser like focus. Feel all those hard to hit areas burn like never before.