Nutrition Coaching

The hard truth is that you cannot out train a bad diet. Well, not unless you quit your job and become an NBA player training umpteen hours week in week out. There is no escaping the reality that permanent fat loss is about nutrition, first and foremost. For that, a nutrition advisor should always be your first port of call.


Do you have stubborn fat you can’t seem to eliminate no matter how much you exercise? Studies repeatedly show that exercise without a good nutrition plan just doesn’t deliver on weight loss promises. But sound nutrition goes well beyond weight loss. It is truly fundamental to overall long term health.

The public find themselves lost in a minefield of outdated and contradictory information, including numerous myths. This makes it virtually impossible for time constrained non experts to see the wood for the trees, or to make the best food selection choices.

Consulting an experienced professional who has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life is an intelligent investment in both your physique and long term wellbeing.

Design Line

The BodyOpt Proposition

Drawing on over a decade of professional experience advising on sports nutrition, we have designed a concise and effective nutrition coaching program. “Everything you need to know about nutrition, and nothing you don’t” was our aim.

Education, information and theory are all important. But we believe the true value of this course is only in direct proportion to the positive changes you make to your diet thereafter. With that in mind, we have made this course extremely practical. Our program distils the latest information and research into a concise and accessible form which is very practical to apply. You will actively participate rather than merely learn passively. Each session we set and agree on clear goals, create a customised plan of action to work towards them based on your situation and objectives, and then we monitor progress between sessions.

Honestly, we are not aware of any other nutrition coaching program that is as comprehensive and effective. That’s not just our opinion – see our testimonials for what other people are saying. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about working with us in this capacity - either at your home or business premises in or around London, or at the Harbour Club Chelsea.