Personal Training

Scott's rigorous training methods are used to achieve a variety of different objectives:


Female Bespoke Figure

Sculpt your figure with confidence, the scientific way

Experience visible and measurable improvements in your body shape within a few short weeks.

Never waste even one single set again. I have determined or created from scratch simply THE best exercises for sculpting each body part: buttocks, tummy, back of the arms, thighs etc.

Target every body part with laser like focus. Feel each muscle burn and work to its limit like never before...every single session.

Workouts tailored to you: body by DESIGN, not default

Each and every one of our programs is customised and crafted from scratch to ensure the figure improvements you desire. Nothing is left to chance.

Intelligent application of exercise mechanics will multiply your results short term, enhance joint function, and ensure joint longevity.

Every session you will have crystal clear targets to smash through and ensure continual progress and a rapid accumulation of results.

Male Bespoke Physique

Build your physique scientifically and systematically

Experience measurable improvements in your lean muscle mass, which exceed your expectations and previous experiences.

Muscle growth is a science, comprising anatomy, physics and physiology. I optimise parameters such as workout density, rep ranges, speeds, exercise combinations and employ innovative methods you will not find anywhere else.

Body part by body part, I have determined the best exercises and developed effective approaches for stimulating each muscle group with laser like focus and maximum time efficiency. Never waste even one single set again.

Workouts truly tailored to you: body by DESIGN, not default

All of your workouts are crafted from scratch for YOUR body and YOUR physique goals.

Experience intelligent application of exercise mechanics and biomechanics to multiply your results short term and greatly enhance joint function and joint longevity. No longer waste precious time with many popular yet flawed and even detrimental exercises.

Every session will have crystal clear targets to ensure continual progress and a rapid accumulation of results. Before you know it, you will be able to look back at just how far you have come.

Sports Performance

“Sports are ostensibly all about external performance. But at all times, the number one limiting factor on your external performance is in fact your internal performance, which comprises the output and function of every individual muscle, and the health and integrity of each joint. We view your body like a mechanic would treat a Formula One car. When you come to us, our approach is not to run you flat out. Rather, we spend time looking under the boot, fine tune each component, and optimise the whole. All so that you CAN continue to run flat out, and so that when you DO, you exceed your expectations and do not break down.”

Unfortunately, injury is commonplace in many sports, but it needn’t be so. At BodyOpt, I adopt the stance that our first responsibility with athletes is to minimise risk of injury. If you are injured, you cannot perform, let alone compete. If you are an injured professional, both your career and revenue are jeapordised. That’s bad news. The good news is there’s plenty you can do about it in the gym.

Most sports accelerate physical wear and tear, create muscle and strength imbalances, and can actually compromise joint range of movement long term. The specifics will vary dependant on the individual and the chosen sport. Training is the other side of the equation. In the gym, we should not seek to replicate the sport. This cannot be done anyway, and attempting it will only make matters worse. Consider gym training as the yin to your chosen sport’s yang. Training is applied to maintain and improve individual muscle and joint function, minimise risk of injury, and extend your career in the game. Intelligent training can develop a better you that is stronger, faster, and more powerful, or that can endure for longer without breaking down.

In sports, performance is measured externally. Performance is about output, harnessing and expressing the strengths and capacities your body already has. However, beyond a point, doing more of the sport itself may not improve those fundamental capacities further. It just improves your skill at using and displaying them. This is called external performance. In training, we focus on ADDING to what your body currently has, bringing up weak links, and BUILDING A BETTER YOU. We strive to optimise function of all links. This is called internal performance. At any time, the limitation on your external performance is always your internal performance. And it only takes one weak link to cause a drop in performance.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

“The true exercise professional should not be opinionated or base their approach upon mere opinions, especially those of others. Opinions are not scientific. When you are taking responsibility for a person’s long term musculoskeletal health, the client deserves to be reassured with science as the reference point, not opinions.”

Innovation, not tradition

An innovative approach incorporating leading edge exercise mechanics translates to a faster and more comprehensive result, one with more sustainability and long term downside protection. Most conventional approaches offer mediocre results.Anatomy knowledge is one thing, but professionals also need a competent understanding of how to intelligently apply physics to gain a superior outcome. Applying anatomy but ignoring physics is missing the big picture.

Progress = Results

In a rehab program, you as the client still deserve to see notable progression. This has to be done intelligently, and it is essential to know which variable to progress first and by how much, such as range of movement, load/resistance, or volume (repetitions or time under load). This requires expertise, not random trial and error.

Build strength, save joints

One key to effective rehab is to understand how to effectively stimulate the relevant muscles, whilst minimising unwanted joint forces. Mastering this hugely impacts the outcome, and the potential wear and tear costs. Practitioners who understand exercise mechanics, and how to apply physics, can manipulate these forces. Those who do not, cannot control the variables, simple as that.

Big picture solutions

The symptom is often not the cause. The health and function of the joints both above and below the injured joint in question can substantially impact how much improvement you make. You will experience an approach that also makes the adjacent joints as strong, functional and injury proof as possible. The body’s joints work together as a team. Only focusing on one or two is short sighted and potentially hazardous medium and long term.