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"I believe that any time you find yourself in the majority you need to question your position. I don't do things differently to be contrarian. Rather, because the individual client and their needs, the science, and the desire for a superior outcome dictate it."

Scott White

Scott White Biography

Scott has 18 years hands on experience delivering results to real world busy people and world class athletes.
Experience includes 14 years professional nutrition coaching and 11 years sports massage therapy.
He has undertaken international education since 2000, and has himself become an international educator of fitness professionals and the public.


International Educator

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Premier Training International

Personal Training and Sports Massage
Therapy Diploma

Poliquin International

Certification Program Level 1 Coach

CHEK Institute

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

Precision Nutrition

Coach Level 1

Register of Exercise Professionals

REPs at level 3