Hear what others have to say about us

“I have been a Pilates and aerobics teacher since 1994, but I never managed to reach the level of strength that I longed for all those years. I was unable to do even a single chin-up. After one year of training with Scott, both my body and performance have been transformed. I am now doing sets of 10 full-range chin-ups on my own and deadlifting over 100kg for reps! After two years I am now qualified for the National Powerlifting Competition."

Pelin Baykal, World Champion powerlifter, Pilates teacher and mother-of-three

“I met Scott when I was Clinic Director at Six Physio in London, eleven years after graduating, and having worked with amateur and professional athletes, including the British Ski Team. I have worked with Scott and our mutual clients both at the clinic and in the gym for injury rehab and to optimise performance. Scott studies extensively and challenges these theories to ensure clients reach their goals on the fastest route possible. I have worked with many personal trainers in the past and have rarely met anyone with the knowledge and devotion that Scott consistently demonstrates with his clients.”

Lucy Macdonald, Chartered Physiotherapist, founder of Physioval clinic in France

"With two decades of industry experience myself, I can say that Scott has as much passion for and dedication to his work as any trainer I have met in the industry to date. His very personable approach is combined with the highest attention to detail and a fully integrated service. As well as transforming the bodies of our members, Scott has successfully dealt with numerous clients with serious knee injuries, back and shoulder pains, as well as stroke victims. At arguably the most successful personal training club in the country, where our team comprises 30 trainers, Scott has built a very solid track record of results to become one of the most sought after trainers here, and often has a client waiting list."

Sonia Desmier, Fitness Manager, Harbour Club Chelsea

“With my competitive nature as a rower, I need to see improvements in the gym, so setting Personal Bests on a regular basis with Scott has been very motivational. Although I have experienced training under several coaches over the years, I have never seen such noticeable, consistent and sustained progress with my training before.”

Luke, fund manager and competitive rower and sailor

“Choosing the right trainer is a tough task. Highly recommended by a friend who is herself a personal trainer, I first saw Scott two weeks after my ACL knee surgery. Scott’s in-depth knowledge of biomechanics allowed him to collaborate with my physio to craft a workout that integrated a fitness regime with my knee rehab. Now eight months post-op, I not only feel fully recovered but am generally fitter than before my operation. One unexpected side effect is that my legs and bum have become noticeably more athletic and stronger, prompting several compliments from men!”

Celina Warriner, Gingerlily co-founder and director, and mother of two

“Scott White is a perfectionist and there is no getting away with doing your exercise routine half heartedly or incorrectly with him at the helm. He is extremely knowledgeable about muscle groups, nutrition and general health, a great combination for ensuring optimum results.”

Henrietta, interior designer, author and international speaker

“Scott White's nutrition course provides a thorough breakdown and education about what certain foods can do for us, especially their role as part of a tailored exercise routine. Combined with his training programme, he offers support to challenge oneself and reach specific and achievable goals. Fascinating, focused and effective.”

Lady Samantha Hurley, magazine editor and mother-of-three

“My progress so far has exceeded any expectations that I ever had, and sometimes I look in the mirror and think that can't really be me. I have become totally addicted to my gym sessions!”

Emma Durham, archaeologist and triathlete

“Thanks for taking me through the stretching earlier – I probably learned more from this morning than I have done from any of the courses and camps I have been on.”

Joy Tottman, ice hockey referee, Winter Olympics 2006

“My acceleration has improved dramatically already. I can outpace pretty much everyone here, and I feel it is because of the exercises, the great training and nutritional advice, and this fantastic routine!”

Eduardo Merchant, IT analyst and amateur footballer

“I have found the program you gave me excellent and noticed real all round progress. It has been an ideal introduction and it has given me time to adjust to a new way of eating. The training is pretty intense and I have a reputation with the senior rowers after one gym session. Your programs really are the best!”

Oliver Zeldin, Oxford University rower